Cate Durrett – Intuitive Consultant


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Cate was born with the gift of Clairaudience. She has devoted her entire adult life to refining her skills, and she works full time as a psychic advisor. When you have a reading with Cate, it feels like having a highly beneficial conversation with a best friend. Her approach is gentle and kind, while also being incredibly accurate. Cate is a master at explaining psychic information in a very step by step approach. Her goal is to access the spiritual realms to help and empower her clients to navigate the human experience. For the past 3 years Cate has taught weekly classes on awakening your own intuition. She has created a whole curriculum, training her students on how to become their own psychics.

Personal Psychic Readings

Cate travels world wide full time, and does readings over the phone, or in person depending on location. Cate accesses psychic information and energy just as well over the phone, but also can do FaceTime or Skype sessions.


1 hour | $165.00 – Most clients schedule an hour, and is recommended for first time clients. Feel free to prepare a list of questions you would like answers to before the reading.

30 minutes | $82.50

20 minutes | $55.00 – These sessions are suggested for clients who work regularly with Cate who need a few quick answers or guidance on a single subject. Not recommended for first time clients.

More time can always be added on to any reading for $2.75 per minute.

Akashic Record Readings

Cate accesses the Akashic Records of clients and provides a written report detailing influences operating in a client's life from past lives, soul contracts, and recurring lessons. This is a beneficial tool to understand ourselves and our current relationships on a much deeper level. Many of us have recurring lessons with the same people throughout our soul's journey, and Cate will explore these in depth during this reading. You do not need to be present for this reading; Cate will provide a written report for you.

Full Akashic Records Reading | $350.00


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