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Having Cate in my life gives me a 30,000 foot perspective on my soul and my purpose here. Her messages are so spot on. I am grateful to have found her.

S.L. — Boulder, Colorado

I have been fascinated with past lives in the past few years. I had Cate read my Akashic records. The email that she wrote was thoroughly detailed and it gave me full body chills while I read it over and over. She is so talented.

L.B. — Boulder, Colorado

She Blew my mind! Within two minutes she had put me at ease and I felt like we were long lost friends.

A.P. — Boulder, Colorado

Every time she channels messages from her beautiful nuns, the words hit me so deeply and purely that I get full body chills. The truth just pours out of cate and it is such a gift.

A.R. — Boulder, Colorado

Expect to be very pleased when you connect with Cate. She is an excellent reader. Her readings are super in tune, informative and she helps so much with putting you on the right track. I love Cate.

S.S. — Boulder, Colorado

Living in Los Angels almost my entire life and working in Entertainment, I have had access to some of the most renowned spiritualist and psychics available. They had always been referred through the V.I.P. Entertainment crowd. For the V.IP. Elite, money is no obstacle and they have privy to the most well known psychics from their closely guarded international circles. Over the years I have seen easily over 100 psychics from all over the world. I can easily say, hands down Cate is by far the best I have seen, or should I say learned from.

L.D. — Los Angeles, California

She has the gift! And she has an amazing energy that makes you feel like you have known her your entire life. She gives concise clarity and directness in her readings.

N.K. — New York, NY

She truly cares about her clients. She has such a fascinating and astonishing gift and I am so fortunate to have finally found her. There is nobody I can recommend more.

E.G. — Paris, France

Cate never fails to provide accurate,honest insightful information that gives clarity and a deeper understanding of whatever the situation may be.

M.B. — Standpoint, ID

She is my number one go to person when I feel overwhelmed and need answers and insight.

M.S. — Olympia, OR

Cate's counsel is the ultimate life hack. She constantly helps me step into a bolder, more embodied, and passionate version of myself and I feel luck to know her.

W.A. — Asheville, NC

Cate will help you hear ( she has helped me hear) what there is to hear right now. Here’s the kicker: I’m a professional psychic too and she’s “my go to “ when I don’t have clarity for myself. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of working with Cate because your life will be easier. I absolutely recommend her to anyone.

H.L. — Boulder, CO

Cate is the real deal! She is an amazing psychic, tarot reader, teacher and mentor. She has the ability to deliver messages from the spirit guides in language that is easy to understand and applicable to my life. I recommend Cate to all my friends.

R.T. — Edinburgh, Scotland

What I really like is that she has these three nuns from the 15th century that she checks-in with and they are never wrong.

D.S. — Boston, MA

Cate is an exceptional Psychic. What’s so great about her, is that she doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. Somehow,though, I always feel better, and it’s never a gloom and doom reading.

H.N. — Cape Cod, MA

Cate's really good at feeling the emotions of people and knowing where they stand right at that moment.

C.B. — Rome, Italy

Cate is like if universal source embodied as your best friend. I trust her to call me on my B.S; her vision and honesty are a lighthouse in a world of fake, unearned wisdom.

L.J. — Hudson, NY

Oh my goddddddd!!!!!!! I read my written reading several times and I’m DYING OF HAPPINESS!!! This reading fulfills my soul.

B.G. — Fort Collins, CO

Thank you so much for your help. I feel all clear and ready to reconnect with my sister. You’re like selenite. You just clear out all the bad energy for me.

T.K. — Temecula, CA

She has great suggestions for how to approach situations. I’ve been reading with her for about two years now, and she’s been incredibly accurate for me.

M.O. — Victoria, British Columbia

The best part is, she’s so very approachable. I really really like her as a person.

P.S. — Columbus, OH

I love you Cate. This reading is so legit! I’m going to record myself reading it and play it on my drive to work tomorrow. I love it sooooooo much!! You went deep! Damn this is good!

A.B. — Santa Fe, NM

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